About blog

SOW /sō/ (verb) To introduce into an environment / to do something which will bring about a particular result / or simply...to place the seed in the ground to grow.

The farmer will always be free to determine the seed, but it is the seed that will always determine the harvest. Farmers don't plan their crops by asking, "What seed would I like to plant?" They plan their crops by asking, "What fruit would I like to harvest?" Similarly, we should not be planning our lives by asking, "What do I want to do now?" We should be planning our lives by asking, "Who do I want to be?" - and act on it, today.


For the purpose of this blog, DESIGN is defined as "the intentional shaping of matter, energy, processes and systems to meet a perceived need or desire".

Design is a hinge that inevitably connects people (and what encompasses their existence - lifestyles, cultures, history etc), and nature through exchanges of materials, flows of energy, and choices made. By this definition, architects, interior designers, industrial designers and city/urban planners are clearly designers...but so are farmers, chemical engineers, businessmen, politicians and even the ordinary consumer. We are all implicated in shaping the physical (as well as non material) details of one's daily experience. 

sOw.DeSiGnS = A concept (a blog in this case) belonging to, and an expression of, an Architectural Interior Designer by qualification, a Biomimic by non-accreditation, a Permaculturist by common sense, a Student of Life by perpetuity, a Creative by divine gift, a Child of God by faith, a Steward of the Earth and People - God appointed, and a self appointed 'do-awayer' of  frivolity (unless in good taste frivolity) in place of significance, reason and conscientiousness.