Friday, 14 September 2012

Trees = Life²

What value do trees have in my life? Apart from the obvious facts such as I rely on oxygen to breathe...

As a designer, trees provide important materials, used extensively in the industry. From paper, fibers, cork, rubber, timber, tools, to turpentine. Some hints I keep in mind, which help me to be more of a conscious designer in this regard:
  - making use of alien and/or invasive trees (and tree products)
  - making use of tree species (and their products) that are abundant in my area
  - or spreading out my usage, so not to exploit a certain tree specie
  - making sure timber is FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) Certified
  - making use of recycled timber
  - designing in such a way which enables the reuse of materials
  - paperless office?
  - thinking twice (thrice, quadruple!) times before printing that construction plan for the 12th time!
  - recycling / reusing (scrap paper, off-cuts etc)
  - good design means minimizing (any) material usage (to build selectively with a small subset of elements)

(To be kept in mind also: yes one needs to use it consciously, but timber / wood products are one of the most sustainable resources, in comparison to other construction materials...)

As a biomimic and creative - the tree is a constant source of inspiration and lessons, too numerous too name. And while I'm at it, the importance of a tree as a permaculturist? Trees are food! Trees also provide homes and food for many animals in our life friendly perma system. They, very importantly, are wind breaks and create micro-climates, provide shade, aid in preventing soil erosion, and enrich the soil with their decaying leaves.

Trees are beautifully important gifts and wise mentors to be respected and appreciated.

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