Monday, 13 August 2012

Turning over a new leaf...

And so my 4th and final year of studies has come and gone - and gone with it, is the obligation to blog (notice the near to 1 year gap between this post and the last)! Varsity obligation aside, I've decided to take up my pen again, or rather, put my fingers to the keyboard once again...

Once upon a 3rd year design project, I designed a lifestyle store, which introduced the concept of  'eco-living' and equipped customers with tools for a self-sufficient lifestyle. I called the store 'Sow.Reap'. When my imaginary-design-company logo (another varsity requirement) disappeared, my frivolous 'Joie de Vivre Interior Designs' company became a more conscientious 'Sow.Designs' - which grew on me...and stuck! From varsity imaginary-design-company, to varsity-obligated-blog name, Sow.Design is, well, me :)

So begins a new chapter. A new {ad}venture. 
An old passion...with new learnings. 

my recently designed business card (front)

my recently designed business card (back)

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