Thursday, 09 June 2011

[some inbetweeners]

Here are some of my interior renderings done as a computer exercise...
Spot The Difference?!

original image

Autocad 3D replication

3Dmax replication

Struggled a little more with 3Dmax, still getting the hang of it...I also got a bit lazy about it!

3Dmax lighting exercise

Saturday, 04 June 2011

further introductions...

The Concept - 

 "Ecological design is not a journey to some utopian destiny, but is rather more like a homecoming. Ecological design is a kind of navigation aid to help us find our bearings again. And getting home means recasting the human presence in the world in a way that honours ecology, evolution, human dignity, spirit, and the human need for roots and connections." - David Orr

A direct comparison can be drawn between this idea and the concept of a compass; a compass being described as a navigation device for determining direction relative to the earth's magnetic poles. Similarly, the building is to act as a 'compass', drawing people together, helping us find our bearings again by providing goods and services which are elegant in simplicity, humanity and ecology. Its function will serve to build connections between people, people and nature, and people and their history and culture, with the emphasis on going 'back to basics'.

The existing building in itself has a D-shaped plan, closely resembling the structure and concept of a kraal - an enclosure for livestock, or rural village of huts surrounded by a stockade, roughly circular in form.

The above mentioned forms the basic description of the design concept for the chosen building; with the keywords being 'homecoming', 'navigation aid', 'roots and connections', 'back to basics', and 'kraal'.
 With these keywords in mind, a link can be drawn to the well known saying "until the cows come home", meaning for a very long time.

The above image is a photo of my touchstone - a standard or criterion by which the design concept is judged or recognized. The touchstone consists of a large piece of cardboard, covered in black fabric, with hessian string connecting the 'dots' (made of paper fasteners, split pins). The phrase at the bottom is written on pieces of hessian sack, velcroed to the fabric.

The phrase "WHEN the cows come home" describes the desired function of the building - its design and ecological direction is our 'homecoming' to a lifestyle concerned with going back to basics. This draws a parallel to, and becomes the ultimate homecoming of the long awaiting cows! The dotted cow thus symbolizing the homecoming to the kraal (ie the building). The fact that it is a 'connect the dots' cow, symbolizes the buildings various interlinking functions which will be introduced, as well as the building's main objective of reconnecting (people with people etc). The metaphor of the compass becomes an important part of the solution of connecting the dots by means of given co-ordinates in order to link the correct dots.

Hope you're starting to get the taste of things...=P